Today, the internet is littered with web hosting companies that it’s almost overwhelming to choose the right one for your business website. Besides that, the incorporation of other technologies, such as cloud hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated and shared hosting makes choosing a web hosting company more daunting even for savvy web business owners. However, the key factors to look out for when choosing a web hosting provider is reliability, price, customer service, and server performance. But if you do not know anything about web hosting, you might get gamed by some web hosts, which is why review sites are handy. The question then is; what are the best review sites to get information about the best web hosting companies. Here is the list:


As the name suggests, you could find cheap hosting providers on this platform. This web hosting review site is adapted to individuals and small-medium sized enterprises. Here, you find referral details of the best web hosting companies out there. The star rating helps you to pinpoint the most rated hosting company quickly.  If you’re sharp enough, you can find coupons given out by top web hosting companies like GoDaddy and Hostgator.

v web hosting review website

This is the best web hosting review site out there because it not only brings you reviews about various hosting companies but also allows clients to express their real experience with the hosting companies. You get detailed information about Domain, web hosting, dedicated hosting, VPS web hosting, SSL website builders and much more. Under every product, they list out the top performers according to price, support, and performance. They also bring news about the happening in the web hosting space to keep you apprised.

v CreateWebsite.Pro web hosting review site

This is a great web hosting review site for the beginner, as it provides useful tutorials that educate you on how to build, run and maintain websites.  Some useful information on this site includes how to create a blog, domain name registration, email marketing, website builder, CDN, and SSL. They also highlight the most reliable and innovative web hosting companies out there and the awesome hosting products they offer.


You might stumble across a well-hosted website and want to know who is hosting it. is the place to find this kind of information. All you need to do is paste the domain name of the website on the home page’s search functionality, and this information is availed to you in a matter of seconds. You can also get hosting coupons for most of the well known hosting companies here.