Expired domain names became popular and lucrative after the .com crash, and their demand has since continued to increase. Expired domain names are so lucrative because they have solid backlinks, so you won’t need to do a lot of marketing to attract customers. They are also valuable because they have impressive domain age, page rank, and reputation, and so, they can give you an edge over competitors. However, it’s so difficult to find expired domain names due to their high demand. Only people with automated systems and tools can find them easily. These tools help them identify, appraise and even buy expired domain names on autopilot. The real question is; how can you make money from expired domain names. Here is a rundown of how:

a)   Expired domain name registration is lucrative business as you can sell at a much higher price

These days, the internet is littered with reseller websites that sell already registered or expired domain names. So people are buying expired domain names and selling them on these reseller websites at much higher prices. But to be successful in the business of expired domains, you must look at the current trends in the market. For example, you must know the niches that are currently hot before you buy an expired domain name. This will ensure that the expired domain sells faster once it hits the market.

b)  Buying expired domain name registration and using them for affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to sell other peoples products and services. It’s is a good source of passive income. But you need a website or blog and a good flow of traffic to be successful as an affiliate. You can buy a domain name and create a website or blog and start accumulating traffic. However, getting a ton of traffic needs time; which is why expired domain names come in handy. Expired domain names already have a good flow of traffic, meaning you’ll start getting customers once it’s back on.

c)   You can use expired domain name registration to direct traffic to your business website

We have seen that an expired domain name has solid backlinks, which means it has established traffic. You can reactivate the domain name and direct that traffic to your business website. You will realize that you’re getting organic traffic that is more likely to buy your products or services.


Those are the main ways you can leverage expired domains to make money. But like we’ve said, you’ll need automated resources and tools to find them. If you don’t have those tools, you can go to domain auction sites, but you’ll pay a lot more to get them.